What is it with the Man of Steel?

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s superman! We have all heard of this phrase at least once in our life. In fact, it would be very unnatural if you have do not know about it especially now that there is a revamp of the superman movie. I wasn’t really that excited the first time I heard that there will be a new superman movie. In fact, I am not his biggest fan. I would rather cheer for batman than the man of steel. But I did keep track of the his stories in the dc universe and I did watch all the film adaptations.

After watching the man of steel, I am not fairly sure of what I should be feeling right now. Not that the film was bad but somehow there was something not right in the film. It’s true that you will learn more about the kryptonian heritage and how superman came to terms with his humanity. Maybe it’s just that I expected that it would be very close to the comics.

It was actually the best adaptation I’ve seen out of all the six superman films. Apart from the reason that today’s technology can do wonders in filmmaking, man of steel was able to draw out his love for humanity and the choice to become a part of it. Henry Cavill was not too shabby in portraying the superman persona and still able to show Clark Kent’s human side. I didn’t like Amy Adams as Lois lane though because she wasn’t able to show Lois’ strength and bravado. Somehow, Lois’ characterization is kind of fragile. The worst of it all is that the relationship of Lois and Clark seems awkward since they were not able to establish a clear foundation of their romance, it kind of looks like a one night stand.

Zack Snyder did a great job in directing the film. It wasn’t as bad as his previous work, sucker punch. This time, he made superman’s comeback worth waiting for and puts on a great foundation for future films.

There are however other details that most fans wouldn’t agree about especially how superman defeated General Zod. But all in all, I could say that man of steel is worth the watching. The adaptation was great; a script that captures the audience and an ensemble of cast that excellently portrayed their characters.